The Story of Happy

In 2008 I released Happy, an album of original music recorded with $10,000 and the few dreams I had left. The album placed top 5 in a national magazine contest and sold a few hundred copies. Months later I graduated law school, took a job as a lawyer, and let Happy die.

Then in 2010 I started receiving royalty checks for Internet radio play of Happy. Each year the checks got a little bigger. Eventually, somebody posted one of the songs, Find Someone, on YouTube, and people started writing comments like:

THANK YOU SO MUCH I’ve been looking for this for so incredibly long.

I ALMOST gave up. I’ve had this song bookmarked for over 2 years xD lol fantastic song.

So how DID you find this song to purchase? I love it! I’ve had it on my Pandora station for a while now and I need to buy it!

Five years after its original release, and over 1.5 million Pandora plays later, here’s Happy again. I’ve put it back on iTunes. It’s also on Spotify and all the other main digital outlets. You can still order physical copies from me for $5 until I run out of the CDs I have left.

This release includes a special version of Find Someone with an alternate first verse and no bridge. It was the demo version we listened to before recording in the studio. The revised first verse and the bridge were written while eating breakfast at the hotel before heading to the studio.

I am humbled by the last few years and the resurrection of my little album that couldn’t. I recorded Happy as a last attempt to follow a dream. What has happened since has changed my views on what it means to be a musician today.



Find Someone Single Cover

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